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Public Notices

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Park and Facility Notices

In an effort to keep our parks and facilities in the best condition possible, there are times when we need to close certain areas. The purpose of this is to prevent damage, allow the grounds a break, and/or  to perform maintenance. All of these things are done with YOU in mind. Please pay attention to which areas are open and closed and please respect the signs we have posted.

Snow Day Policy 

The ROWRPD Snow Day Policy is that all ROWRPD Facilities and Programs (Child Care & Recreation) will be closed on the first snow day that the Rim of the World School District calls, for each storm. If the School District calls a snow day on the 2nd day of a storm, the ROWRPD will evaluate each site as soon as possible for safety to determine when it can re-open. ROWRPD will post a notice on and on our Facebook page by 7:00 am on snow days (subsequent to the first snow day called) to inform the public of what programs and facilities are available and which are closed. 

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