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Press Release - WINTER 2024 Update 

CONTACT: Carly Korn, Public Affairs
PHONE: (909) 337-7275



The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District invites you to “Level Up Your Leisure”.

Current Recreation Programs and Activities – Register Online or email for more information.

  • Acting Classes – Rim Youth Theatre – Matilda Jr. Performance – Registration is now open
  • Beginning Youth Chess Program– Registration is now open
  • Dance Lesson Programs with Vento Dance Co. (Classical Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Acro) – Registration is now open
  • Altitude Fit Kids Programs with Altitude Aerial Fitness (Aerial Hammock, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Tumbling, Combo Dance) – Registration is now open

More information like program schedules and pricing can be found on or by calling the Park District Office, (909) 337-7275.


Park District Happenings and Facility Updates

Community Sports Leagues Field Use Meeting will be on Monday, February 5, 2024 at 6:00 PM and located at the Park District Office, 26577 State Hwy 18, Rimforest, CA 92378

The Park District is currently in the initial phases of implementing a Full Cost Recovery Model and Policy Plan along with a Comprehensive Fee Study. This study aims to assess the costs associated with parks and recreation services. Its primary objective is to guarantee that the fees and rates are established at a level that enables the District to sustain its commitment to serving the community in alignment with existing goals.

Twin Peaks Centennial Park playground has new playground equipment.

The Twin Peaks Community Center and the Robert Hootman Community Center in Running Springs will have new windows installed, receive an HVAC system, and generator. The work on these projects and upgrades have already begun.

A land lease with the Running Springs Water District has been approved for a Running Springs Dog Park located near Whispering Pines Drive next to the Running Springs Library. The Park District will be hosting meetings in Running Springs for the Running Springs Community dog park for feedback on where to find project funding sources and dog park amenity options (in which renderings may be made). Meetings to be announced.  

The Activity Room/Gym at the District Office in Rimforest, which suffered beam damage (from the storms) in the ceiling area is habitable and deemed safe, although for extra precaution this specific area will remain closed to the public until the insurance claim has been resolved and the repairs have been made.

The Park District’s 501c3 Mountain Recreation Park Foundation is in the beginning stages of formation. The Park District is compiling an interest list of possible candidates for a seat on the foundation’s board. Interested individuals should contact the Park District or fill out the online interest submission form Mountain Recreation Park Foundation - Are you interested in becoming a board member?  - Rim of the World Recreation and Park District (


The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District is an Independent California Special District 

What does that mean?  
Rim of the World Recreation and Park District is an independent special district sanctioned under California Law for the performance of local government functions. Special Districts range in size from very small to very large. The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District is a smaller Independent special district that operates on a budget of $1.162 million (only 2/3 of which is provided by a $22 annual per-parcel property tax, the remainder needing to come from use fees) yet serves a vast area of 110 square miles. What’s so special? Focused services. Special Districts like the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District were formed to deliver specific public services within defined boundaries for communities who want local control.

Responsibility to Provide a Wide Variety of Services
Since the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District is located in a resort area, our services are not limited to just locals and/or permanent residents or part-time residents, but to all who visit the mountain communities. Even those residents not located within our boundaries, but who own property in our mountain community can benefit from the use of our services. Unlike other Special Districts, our mandate and the services provided have resulted in a great range of opportunities for public recreation.

Benefits of Special Districts
According to the State Legislative Analyst, independent special districts have consistently shown the slowest rate of spending growth for local governments. We believe this is due to the high degree of accountability to the public and to the specific nature of the services provided by special districts. In the case of the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District, it’s due also to our fixed-rate tax source that does not adjust for inflation but must be supplemented by increasing efficiency and other measures. The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District is considered an independent special district because we are directly accountable to our constituents, not another layer of local government and have an elected board that sets policy.

Districts Make the Difference
California special districts are much more than local service providers. These local agencies enable their constituents to have local control and are passionate about providing high-quality services and resources in the most efficient and effective manner. Find out more about the impact special districts are having and how they benefit the millions of Californians who use their services.

For more information, please visit Districts Make the Difference.  

More information about Park District can be found on the website, and more specifically the announcements page and public notices page linked below:

Announcements - Rim of the World Recreation and Park District (

Public Notices - Rim of the World Recreation and Park District (

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