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Enrichment Centers 

The Park District's Enrichment Centers are desinged to: 

  • Support essential working parents by providing a save environment for their children to go and complete their distant learning assignments 
  • Provide a wide variety of art and craft projects, physical education and sport programs, science experiments, and other enrichment activities 
  • Help and discover new ways to stay connected with the yout hof our mountain during the pandemic 

The Kindergarten Enrichment Center will be located at the Dance & Fitness Studio in Rimforest. Grades 1st - 5th will be located at the Lake Gregory Education and Community Center in Crestline. 

Participation will incur a one-time $60 registration fee for each child and $30 for each additional child/sibling. Participation is weekly and costs $100 per week. There is an additional child discount of 10%. 

Each grade will be limited to 12 students per week. All participants and staff will be required to wear masks. Health checks will be conducted at drop-off and throughout the day. All participants must bring their own lunch and snacks. The program will run Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Parents may pick-up their children at any time no later than 6:00 PM.

This is not a school program. The Park District is not responsible for administrating assigned curriculum, hosting wifi, hotspot disconnect, equipment failure or any and all things associated including grades with the child's academics. The Park District will do our best to make sure time is set aside for distant learning. 

If you are interested in this program, please register for the INTEREST ONLY on our online catalog. Here is the link:

If you have any questions, please email (redacted) or call the Park District Office (909) 337-7275. 

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